Creating Content: Choosing a Name

Thinking of starting content creation? Deciding on a name is often a sticking point, one that I spent too much time agonising over. This is the process I used.

First I brainstormed options, and didn’t discount any, regardless of how silly. Initially I kept trying to integrate my name or initials. Then I realised that while important to me, my name may as well be Axle Rod Jetpack for all my viewers cared. It was making it too difficult to find a name that was catchy yet simple. Eventually I thought of Too Busy Reading; it’s simple and easy to remember. Plus I love that it inverts the common excuse “I’m too busy to read” – instead I’m too busy reading to do other things!

I used namechekr with fingers crossed to check the availability of Too Busy Reading on various platforms. I really wanted YouTube and a website domain as these would be the bulk of my content. Luckily, both were free! Unfortunately I couldn’t get the direct Twitter handle toobusyreading. But, Twitter was of lower importance to me so I decided to roll with a handle variation.

But then the variation I tried wasn’t available. Or the next. Or the one after. I couldn’t get anything through and resorted to googling suggestions, which led me to this helpful article on ways to slightly adjust your Twitter handle. Keep in mind that handles need to be 15 characters or less and can only use letters, numbers or underscores. Unfortunately namechekr didn’t register underscores as valid, so I checked directly on Twitter and voila! Finally, I had found a suitable variation.

Unfortunately the email wasn’t available leaving me with two options; go with a different mail provider or stick with gmail and use a variation. Gmail was important to me because I would already need to make a Google account for YouTube and I knew that Google offered a domain registration service. Then I realised I could set up a mailing service through my website like so the Gmail variation was irrelevant. I talk about setting this up in a later Creating Content post.

The last thing I did was register my username across other platforms, even ones I’m not intending to use. I’m not planning to stream myself reading or writing content on Twitch, but it’s an easy lock for future opportunities.

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